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Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh


Meshwork’s welded mesh panels are manufactured in Australia to suit any application required. Our welded mesh panels come in various combinations to suit your needs, including;

  • Different sheet sizes to ensure minimal wastage
  • Different size apertures (square and rectangular) for looks, practical and security needs
  • Different wire sizes where weight is an issue or extra strength is required from 2.5mm through to 8.0mm or greater if specified
  • Different finishes to suit your environment including pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized , bright (black) and Powder coated

A full list of stock sizes and specifications can be found on the following page.


Meshwork’s welded mesh panels are extremely versatile and can be cut and bent to suit. Meshwork’s welded mesh panels can also be welded, wire tied or secured with special fittings to produce fabricated containers and other shapes.

Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh


Meshwork’s welded mesh panels can be used for a large variety of purposes, some examples are;

  • Safety screens, security and safety room panels, tool cages and other applications on the construction site
  • Strata control and security screening for mining applications (see Custom Welded Mesh panel)
  • Enclosed pallet walls and floors, racking and shelving, safety and security screening in your factory or warehouse
  • Rubbish containers, compost bins, wine racks, pot plant stands and tool tidy racks for your home.
  • Shelving and racking, pot supports, hydroponic racking and tree guards for your nursery or farm
  • Stock enclosures, stock runs, feed storage and stock control gates and screens for the farm


Meshwork’s can make custom welded mesh to suit individual requirements. Welded mesh sheets can be ordered within the following parameters;

  • Wire Size – 3.15mm to 8.00mm
  • Wire Finish – Pre Galvanized, Bright (black), Powder Coated or Hot dipped Galvanized
  • Sheet Size – Maximum 2.4 metres wide by 6.0 metres long
  • Apertures – minimum 25mm spacing centre to centre of wire
  • Bending – sheets can be bent along the entire length or width of the sheet to most angles
  • Cutting – sheets can be cut from stock material if required

Meshworks are expert in making made to order welded mesh. Meshworks can supply weld Shear test data and wire tensile strength data as required. This makes Weldmesh the perfect fit for mining applications where lives depend upon quality.

Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh

Mesh Welding Equipment & Technology

Meshwork’s Mesh welding lines are equipped with world renowned reliable technology. Decades of experience in the development and design of welding mesh sheets has helped us expand our knowledge and expertise, meaning that we are in the best possible position to meet the demands of all our customers.

The Meshwork’s welded wire mesh sheet is manufactured from individual wire strands electrically resistant welded together to form a mesh sheet. It works by passing an electrical current through the parts for a precisely controlled time and under a controlled pressure also called the force.

The welded wire mesh can be supplied in a variety of configurations using different wire gauges and accurate wire spacing. The objectives of the welded wire mesh sheet have been incorporated into the design by a number of features. Machines are used to produce the mesh with precise dimensional control.

Advantages of the resistance welding process

Very short process time
No consumables, such as brazing materials, solder, or welding rods
Operator safety due to low voltage
Clean and environmentally friendly
A reliable electro-mechanical joint is formed

Meshworks Mine Mesh Features

  • Side Trimmed edges & Ends Trimming to ensure there is limited overhang of wire to cause injury when handling
  • Weld tests completed on all Mesh With manual Torque wrench over continuous runs
  • In-house Tensile Weld testing facility to check all weld mesh
  • Tensile Weld strength to be greater than 75% of the wire UTS
  • Wire diameters, spacing and overall dimensions can be customised to suit particular applications
  • Customised paint lines along the modules to suit roof bolt patterns
  • Custom sheets available with double or additional wires if requested
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh

Meshworks Mine Mesh Product Conformance

Meshwork’s Mine mesh products conforms to specification AS4671:2001  Grade 500L for the raw material and that all welds have been tested to exceed requirements of AS1304-1991, according to standardized testing procedures to ensure a minimum breaking force in shear at the weld points in accordance with wire size . Galvanizing is in accordance with specification AS2423:2002 Class W02Z.

Characteristics And Application Of Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is manufactured from high quality low carbon steel wire

Welded wire mesh has strong joints, stability, also not afraid of erosion, even if the local cutting or under pressure also won’t happen loose phenomenon.

Welded wire mesh is usually used in industry and agriculture, aquaculture, construction, transportation and other aspects. To protection of industrial machine cover, protective window small home, even in peacetime use of the garbage basket and so on, these are all examples of the application of welded wire mesh. It is worth mentioning that, in the construction of the external walls, welded wire mesh has an important structural role in insulation systems, usually will be hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh on the external wall of the inner side of the outer wall thermal insulation board, and can be used only once have merged into one.In the breeding industry, more emphasis on corrosion resistance of quality welded wire mesh, and a certain decorative effect.

Also in the mining industry, welded wire mesh has a general iron screen no flexibility, it has more plasticity in the use process, can be used for deep processing, the cost of such far iron screen, is more economical, affordable.Advantages of the welded wire mesh has several aspects, the first is the grid structure, which is simple and beautiful and practical, followed by welded wire mesh in transportation undulating terrain without restrictions, in particular, can adapt to the mountain slope, coupled with the welded wire mesh’s price is not very high, in low level, can large area uses.

Welded Mesh Other Applications

The welded wire mesh is a metal screen that is made up of low carbon steel wire. It is available in various sizes and shapes.

Welded mesh you can use in variety of application.

Some of already proven uses & applications are as below:
  • Agricultural
  • Cable Cage System – Welded Mesh Basket
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Horticultural
  • Food Processing Sector
  • Mines
  • Gardening
  • Machine Protection, Machine Guards
  • Architectural Decorations
  • Poultry Houses
  • Egg Baskets
  • Runway Enclosures
  • Draining rack
  • Fruit Drying Screen
  • Fencing- Garden Fence, School Fence, Pool Fence
  • Trailer cages
  • Bird Cages, Dog & cat Enclosures
  • Sheep Yard Mesh & Fencing
  • Shelving Back Mesh
  • Mesh Doors, Window Protection Fencing
  • Storage Baskets
  • Mesh Scrap Bins
  • Storage Units in High Rise Buildings
  • Concrete Reinforcement
  • Angle Bead
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