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Metals and surface treatments

Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh


Installation environment  

Pre Galvanised Wire (PG)

Internal Installation  

Zinc Plated (EZ)       

Internal Installation some external environments

Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG)                 

External Installation urban environment   

316 Stainless (SS316)

Extreme Environments           

Benefit of a cable cage system over standard cable tray

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Open mesh design makes it easier to visually inspect correct cabling has been installed
  • Its metal mesh structure and ease of installation ensure excellent electrical continuity
  • Its open design can reduce crosstalk
  • Less electromagnetic interference compared to cable tray
  • Better electrical continuity than cable tray

Power Cables

When power is active in the cable the copper or aluminium cable heats up in the core. The heat that the cable gives off is caused by the resistance of the material

  • 91% of a cable cage system is open
  • Cable cage systems are the closet you have to floating the cable in thin air
  • Energy consumption saving is 4% better using a cable cage system
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh

Cable cage sizes

WIRE CABLE TRAY 150X50X3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 150X100X3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 300x50x3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 300x100x3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 450x50x3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 450x100x3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 600x50x3.000 5mm
WIRE CABLE TRAY 600x100x3.000 5mm

Custom sizes also available
A full list of accessories and parts are available on our website

Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh
Welded Mesh, Mesh , Cable Mesh

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